For instructions select the RULES tab on the top left corner of game.
To Play
Left click on chip on the bottom left, and then left click the main bet. (Do not drag) Then left click on another chip and bet one or all of the bonuses.
Remember you can only bet half of the main bet on the left side total and half on the right side.
(Example) Main bet $100 then you can bet up to $50 on LS (Left side) and up to $50 on RS (Right side) in any combination-$10 straight up on 17,18,19 and $20 on LS. Or $50 on any one of the bets. LS means you are betting all three numbers on the left side. The same thing for the right side.


  1. Place your mandatory primary wager along with any desired bonus wagers.

  2. Each player receives two cards each face up, and the dealer will receive two cards one face down and the other face up.

  3. Players play their hand by hitting or standing as in conventional blackjack.

  4. All house rules regarding blackjack apply.

  5. The house may use 6 or 8 deck shoes.

  6. The house may use any aggregate they so choose.

  7. The bets for the bonuses allow one or more bets on the left side (LS,17,18, or 19) if the bet is LS it does include all three numbers, if it is straight up on 17,18, or 19 it pays according to the pay scale. The player may also bet one or more bets on the bonus on the right side, (RS, 20,21, or Blackjack) if the bet is RS it does include all three numbers, if it is straight up on 20,21 or Blackjack it pays according to the pay scale. A player MUST bet on the primary wager and MAY bet one or more bets on the left side and one or more bets on the right side.

  1. The primary wager wins even money if a players hand is closer to 21 than the dealers. The primary wager wins according to casino house rules if the player has a natural blackjack (two cards consisting of a face card or 10 value card with an Ace).

  2. If the player made a bonus wager, and the dealers hand ties the players hand exactly, (examples; player 17 vs. dealer 17, player 21 vs. dealer 21, or player Blackjack vs. dealer Blackjack, the player wins the total of that bonus (See paytable below) and pushes the primary wager.

  3. The player may make more than bonus wager per hand. EXAMPLE: The Player made two bonus wagers on 18 and 21 and the dealer tied the player on 18. The player would win 45 to 1 on the Tie 18 bonus wager and lose the bonus wager on the 21 bonus wager.

  4. Left side (LS) and Right side (RS) bonus wagers win ONLY if the player and dealer have a respective matching hand or exact total. EXAMPLE: if the dealer makes 17 and the player makes 18 with a bonus on LS then the player loses the LS wager. For LS and RS bets to win the Player MUST tie the Dealer's hand with one of the three hand totals applicable to that wager.

  5. The player may only wager a total of all bonus wagers not to exceed the total of the primary wager. EXAMPLE: If $10 is bet on the primary wager, only a total of $10 may be wagered on all bonus bets combined. The Player may bet half of the primary bet on the left side (LS) and half the primary bet on the right side (RS). The player cannot ever bet more than half of the primary bet on either the LS or the RS.

  6. When splitting aces, only the 1st hand is used for the bonus wager and this is considered 21, and NOT BLACKJACK, in the event a ten value card is drawn. When the player makes 21 on the 1st hand and the Dealer makes 21 (NOT BLACKJACK) then the player wins the 21 straight up bet (If the player bet it) and would also win the RS bet if the player bet that.

  7. If the player bets Blackjack straight up or the RS and both the dealer and player have a blackjack, then the player wins the payoff according to the pay chart.

  8. When splitting any pair only the first hand split is used to determine the tie wager.

  9. When splitting any pair more than once, ALL bonus wagers are lost.

  10. Players have Blackjack ONLY when the player's first two cards consist of a ten value card plus an ace. 21 occurs with three cards or more, or when splitting aces and receiving a ten value card with the first ace only. 21 value hands do not tie with Blackjack hands, resulting in losing bonus wagers.

  11. When player has Blackjack and dealer does not, then ALL bonus bets are lost.